Coaching staff

Our coaching staff is the most valuable asset of the Academy. Each Paris Saint-Germain Academy coach is a specially trained and selected specialist. Our principle is that only the best can raise the best.

Head Coach

Michael Gaudriller


I am privileged to become the Head Coach of Paris Saint-Germain Academy Moscow – it is the 73rd in succession in the world.

The main goal of our Club is to identify and develop football talents around the world. It is especially pleasant that this sport is very popular in Russia, and many children are already engaged in football in local schools. 

We want to share our huge experience accumulated in decades and pass on the unique methodology of the Club. We believe that Paris Saint-Germain Academy Russia will be the starting point for young talents into the world of big football! 


Coach data

Professional experiences
Coach honours

Тренерский штаб

Lyaschuk Ruslan

Goalkeepers Head Coach, UEFA A

Epifanov Vyacheslav

Coach, UEFA C

Vorontsov Oleg

Coach, UEFA B

Bogushevich Anton

Coach, UEFA B

Guseynov Eldar

Coach, UEFA C

Ramazanov Marat

Coach, UEFA B

Sergeev Artem

Coach, UEFA C

Novitskiy Evgeniy

Coach, UEFA C

Umyarov Radik

Coach, UEFA C

Kostenko Konstantin

Coach, UEFA C

Perevozkin Roman

Goalkeepers Coach, UEFA C